I  Got referred this job from a fellow tog who couldn't do it,once I'd heard the details I couldn't wait to meet the couple and discuss their wedding photography needs.It was a church  ceremony and then onto the Mytton Fold Golf club for the venue,kind of like churches,older the better for me,always good places for pictures. St James Church ,Haslingden , stands out and can be seen from all roads into the area , was built in the 18th century on a site occupied by a church building since at least 1284,so that's really old then.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    I met Dylan at his house and showed him  Avanti's sample albums,he seemed very happy with the work we do so arranged for an engagement shoot so we could use one of the images for a signing frame.This was arranged to be shot at Towneley Hall grounds,hopefully on a non rainy day,luckily when the day came for the engagement shoot the weather looked promising.We all met at noon and got to work with the pictures,it only takes a  hour at the most to do so it flew by,Dylan and Zoe were superb and the pics in the back of camera looked stunning,obviously I used off camera flash,as always these days,I showed the couple some of them and they were pleased.After, we went to the cafe there, and had a chat about their requirements and timings for  the wedding day photography,nothing like  planning things out proper I say.     The day of the wedding came and I had to be at The Red House ,Bury,for the bridal prep by 11 am,the wedding was at 1 pm so plenty of time really.The bridal party was in already in full swing,it was a good atmosphere as you'd expect,Zoe the bride looked very relaxed ,which is not always the case.I did plenty of pics at the bridal suite and carried on as the bridal  party moved to the front of the hotel where a white Rolls Royce Phantom was awaiting,what a fabulous,elegantly ,huge,voluptuous totally flamboyant  car,an   automotive piece of  modern day car design that shouts out wealth. As you can guess I took plenty of car and Bridal party shots.

Next stop the church,a quick blast down the motorway,though when I got there it was awful for parking,its always a problem small car park and a million guests who all turn up in cars.I got a spot around the corner,where I parked next to my other half Leanne,who was second shooting with me.We got to the church to capture the bride arriving,got inside and got in my spot where I was told not to move from by the vicar! Leanne was up in the gods at the back taking the wedding pics from that side.The wedding went really quick,we did the signing of the registry book,the mock one,why that occurs is plain silly, everyone seems to do it,I think its one of those rules that everyone goes along with and doesn't question.After the church it was off to the venue at Mitton Fold Golf Club,a good venue with plenty of outdoor shots on the cards.We captured the newlyweds arriving in the big Roller and being greeted by their families and guests.After Zoe and Dylan had met and chatted with the guests we did some shots on a small foot bridge and  in a gazebo,all with off camera flash,the images were superb.The wedding breakfast beckoned so me and Leanne grabbed a bite to eat in the hotel part of the venue and to give our legs a rest and check on the images we'd took already.Move on an hour or so and the speeches were rolled out ,these took longer than I thought mainly down to having two best men and both having quite long  speeches.Some documentary shots of guests and then the first dance and cake cutting ended the night for us both